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Totally 80s Radio
Totally 80s Radio

It’s as though you are listening to a radio station in the 1980s Taking you back, back in time, when music was king! It’s not often you can honestly say that you wish you were back in the 80s. Times were good, the economy was booming, and music was just awesome. After the 70s disco era, the 80s was all about experimenting with different genres; punk, soul, electronic, new wave, rock, synthpop…. We have them all here on Totally 80s Radio.

Immerse yourself in the decade that brought you the Rubics cube, Spectrum computers, Lady Diana, shell suits, 12 inch vinyl, the Walkman, cassette tapes and more. The list is endless. The 80s ‘had it all’ and on Totally 80s ‘WE have it all’ from the very best hits from the 80s (every song a top 40 hit), classic songs you have forgotten to individual genre shows during the week.

To top it all we have 80s radio and TV adverts, yeah, you would think you are listening to your favourite radio station in the 80s….happy memories and a great decade to be growing up in.

Be that kid again and return to the 80s with Totally 80s Radio

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